Mr Cookes Conservatory

  • Warm Conservatory Roofs

Conversion of an unusable Conservatory

Mr Cooke had a very unusable conservatory that was simply too hot to be comfortable in the summer months, and in winter, so cold that he simply closed it off from the house.

What he wanted was to use the space to expand the family home and to enjoy room all year round. 
We selected a tile to compliment the property's existing roof, and installed a multi layered insulated roof with vaulted ceiling and both decorate and functional lighting.

At the same time we included a faux wall along most of one side of the conservatory, which gives  a feeling of the room being even more of an extension conversion, and now that the heat issues are totally resolved, we we also able to remove the double doors that had always separated the conservatory from the rest of the house.

Mr Cooke commented "The transformation was amazing!".  I was unsure at first that the temperature in here could ever be properly controlled, but it really is now like any other room in the house" "The team at Halo have been wonderful from the first conversation we had, and right though to the completion of the project" "Incredibly the whole process only took 5 days to complete too!" We couldn't be happier and spend so much time in our new space, quite frankly I don't know how we'd live without it now"

  • Completed in 5 days

  • Transformed old unused conservatory

  • Perfect in summer and winter

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