Solar PV

All installations completed by friendly, MCS approved professional’s

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills and have a positive impact on your environment?

At Halo Energy we supply expert solar panel installation for Commercial, Residential, and Non-Profit organisations.

When Halo Energy Ltd embarks on a project from its inception to installation, we strive to achieve you the best return on your investment (ROI), balanced with superior quality and the lowest possible costs. Halo Energy's Solar PV systems are thoughtfully designed to product the ultimate installation for your location.

Going solar is a great way to take control of your electric bill and start saving money today. Your utility company’s electricity rate is unpredictable and keeps going up.

Now you have a choice. Switching to solar power reduces your electricity expense, increases predictability, and reduces reliance on your utility company while contributing to an environmentally sustainable way of life.  Halo Solar

How you make money....

"As well as saving you money on your energy bills, solar panels can also earn you cash" says Andrew Capstick of the This is because your energy supplier will pay you for electricity that your solar generates that isn’t used in your home, via the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee)

Tailored solutions that suit your exact needs

Some residential or commercial entities are faced with intricate problems for which they seek solutions. They would like to know what their options are, and what it would take to implement them. At Halo Energy we use our knowledge in the energy field to provide our clients with different solutions and cost analyses, giving our customers an edge, and making sure that their money is well spent.

At Halo Energy Ltd, we use our expertise to design renewable energy systems whether you're looking for solar panels for home or business. We also obtain the required DNO approvals on your behalf when needed.

We make sure that the system suggested is properly sized to give you the best yield in terms of energy produced per pound spent. It is then your option to instruct Halo Energy to install the system for you.

Other products to help you save money!

In addition to solar pv, we offer complementing technologies including voltage optimisors, battery storage solutions and solar water heating, along with other products that add to the effective usage of your generated solar energy.



Why go green with solar?

Fast and efficient installation by the experts

  • Home installation takes just 1 day

  • Installation is carried out by our own team, never subcontracted

  • All work carried out be trained and approved professionals

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