Battery storage solutions

Now is the time to add battery storage to your solar system.

With electricity prices tripling over the last 18 months, and further price hikes to come this year, there’s never been a better time to store your own energy.

Selling back to the grid benefits you by just 5p per unit, but when you store your excess energy in your own battery, you benefit by around 40p per unit for exactly the the same amount of electricity!

Residential Storage - Save more from bills

1. Self-Consumption Optimisation

Often there's High energy demand in the morning and evening, yet your solar generation is at its highest during the middle of the day. A battery Storage system balances the supply an demand difference for those away from home during the day, and for those who simply produce more than then need during daylight hours.

2. Buy low, sell high.

Our battery storage systems can easily be programmed to make the most of low cost overnight energy. Batteries can be set to fill up in the middle of the night when the price per KW is just a few pence, ready for you to use at peak times; and, if you don't use it all, the battery can sell its energy back to your supplier at a much higher price at peak rates! *(subject to individual tariff and supplier).


  • Safety

  • Optimal Electricity cost

  • Compact size & easy installation

  • Easy to scale up

  • Compatibility

Make the most out of your solar!

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